Amplifiers Objectives Part 04

61 . A boost strap generally incorporates emitter follower.

62 . Low frequency response of amplifier is mainly limited by By-pass capacitor.

63 . The bandwidth of a differential amplifier is comparable to that of Cascaded amplifier.

64 . For an ideal noise free transistor amplifier, the noise factor is Zero dB.

65 . The third Harmonics of 300 Hz is 900 Hz.

66 . The main function of transformer used in output of a power amplifier is to match the load impedance with the dynamic output resistance of the transistor.

67 . The maximum efficiency of Class C amplifier is 100%.

68 . The maximum efficiency of Class B amplifier is 78.5%.

69 . Harmonic distortion of the signal is produced in an R-C coupled transistor amplifier. The probable source responsible for this distortion is the transistor itself.

70 . The voltage gain of an amplifier is 100, the current gain is 2. The power gain of the amplifier will be 200.

71 . When both the primary and secondary resonant circuit of a double tuned transformer have a Q 50, the value of critical coupling is 0.2.

72 . The 45o-45o system refers to phonograph records.

73 . Complimentary symmetry would be applied to the audio power outage stage.

74 . For a good voltage amplifier, its input impedance with respect to the resistance of the source, should be high.

75 . 3 dB will be gain for increase of power level from 13 mW to 26 mW.

76 . A resistance attenuator reduces a 10 mW input to 5 mW. Its loss will be –3 dB.