Control System Objectives Part 10

181 . If a sinusoidal input voltage with peak amplitude 150 volts and frequency 60 Hz is applied to this network, what is the frequency of the sinusoidal steady state output? The input frequency 60 Hz.

182 . The root locus of a unity feedback system is shown in Fig. 30. The open loop transfer function is given byπ’Œπ¬(𝒔+𝟏)(𝒔+𝟐)

183 . The Bode plot is used to analyze maximum phase network.

184 . Which one of the following can be extended to systems which are non-linear? State variable analysis.

185 . The output of a linear system for a unit step input is given by t2e-t. The transfer function is given by𝟐(𝒔+𝟏)πŸ‘

186 . For type 2 system, the velocity error is zero.

187 . A unity feedback control system with plant 2𝑠(𝑠+1)3 and proportional plus integral controller would require how many state variables for a state model description? 4.

188 . The Nyquist plot (for positive frequencies) of open loop transfer function is shown in Fig.31. the gain margin is 5.0.

189 . For a transfer function G(s) = s, the Bode plot will be 20 dB/decade and phase shift of Ο€/2.

90 . The unit step response of a linear time invariant can be obtained by integration of the impulse response.

191 . The open loop transfer function of a unity feedback control system is
G(s) = 𝐾𝑠(𝑠+1)(𝑠+5
The range of K for stable operation is 0 to 30.

192 . The system response can be tested better with unit impulse input signal.

193 . Well designed first order control systems have a large negative transfer function pole.

194 . Match the following: a-(ii), b-(iii). C-(i), d-(iv)

195 . Zero initial condition means that the system is at rest and no energy is stored in any of its components.

Question 196 to 198 refer to data given below:
Feedback control system shown in Fig.33 has k1 and k2 components.

196 . The loop transfer function is𝐀𝟏 π€πŸπ’”+𝒑.

197 . The control ratio is 𝐀𝟏 𝒔(𝒔+π’‘βˆ’π’ŒπŸπ’ŒπŸ) .

198 . The error ratio is 𝐬+𝐩(𝒔+π’‘βˆ’π’ŒπŸπ’ŒπŸ) .

199 . Consider the following signal flow graph. How many feedback paths can be identified? Twelve.

200 . In second order control system the value of the resonant peak will be unity when the damping ratio has a value of 𝟏√𝟐 .