Control System Objectives Part 13

141 . Pressure error can be measured by differential bellows and strain gauge.

142 . The Bode plot is applicable to minimum phase network.

143 . Z-transform of unit impulse function is 1.

144 . A phase lag lead network introduces in the output lag at low frequencies and lead at high frequencies.

145 . The negative real axis of Nyquist plot is plotted on Bode plot as a negative 180 phase.

146 . Non-linearity caused by servomotor is saturation.

147 . Differentiators are not used in systems because they cause noise and saturation in amplifier.

148 . Which of the following technique gives quick transient and stability response? Root Locus.

149 . Regulator can be categorized as type 0 system.

50 . Steep cut-off characteristics will have low stability margin.