Digital Electronics Objectives Part 07

121 . Common emitter amplifier is an inverter.

122 . A combination of AND function and NOT function results in NAND gate.

Question 123 to 127 refer to figure given below:

123 . Figure D corresponds to a NOR gate

124 . Figure A corresponds to OR gate.

125 . XNOR gate is represented by none of the four figures.

126 . Figure C represent XOR gate.

127 . Boolean expression for B is A.B=Y.

128 . It is required to determine the logical output of the circuit shown in figure, build using NAND gates. The correct answer is A + B

129 . Boolean expression for NAND gate is ๐‘จ๐‘ฉ = Y.

130 . ๐ด+๐ต = Y is Boolean expression for NOR gate.

131 . The following truth table is for X-NOR gate.

132 . NAND gate is formed by inverting the out of the AND gate.

133 . OR gate corresponds to the action of parallel switches.

134 . The Boolean expression for the truth table given below will be C ๐‘ฉA + CB๐‘จ = Y

135 . The number of full adders in a 4-bit parallel adder will be three.

136 . A half adder includes a AND gate with XOR gate.

137 . For the circuit shown in Fig. 25 the output X is given by X= ๐‘จ+ ๐‘ฉ.

138 . A.๐‘ฉ = ๐‘จ. ๐‘ฉ is the correct relation.

139 . A logic circuit corresponding to โ€œ_ โ€ is NOT gate.

140 . The variable in Boolean algebra can take one of the two possible values.