Digital Electronics Objectives Part 09

161 . The bubble or small circle on the output of the NAND gate and NOR gate represents Complementation.

162 . The output of the circuit shown in Fig. 27 will be Y(𝑿 + Z).


165 . The output from AND-to-OR gate combination, shown in Fig. 30 will be 𝑿 𝒀+ 𝑿𝒀𝒁.

166 . The complement of (A + BC + AB) is 𝑨(𝐁̅+𝐂̅).

167 . The complement of AB+BΜ…C+CDΜ… is 𝐀̅ 𝐂̅+𝐁𝐂̅+𝐀̅ 𝐁𝐃.

168 . The complement of AB(CΜ…D+BΜ…CΜ…) is 𝐀̅𝐁̅+𝐂+𝐃̅.

169 . The complement of A(B+C)(𝐢 + 𝐷) is 𝑨+𝑩π‘ͺ + CD.

170 . The Boolean expression (A+C+D)(B+D+C) may be simplified as AB +C+D.

171 . The Boolean expression (AB+C+DC)(AC+BC+D) may be simplified as AC+BC+DC+ABD.

172 . The expression (ABΜ…+AΜ…B+ACΜ…)(AΜ…BΜ…+ABΜ…+A𝐢) will be simplified as 𝐀𝐁̅ 𝐂̅+𝐀𝐁𝐂.

173 . Fig. 31 represents the karmaugh map for the expression

174 . In positive logic, a pulse at -3V to chassis ground will be at 0 level.

175 . Four inputs can be supplied to a logic gate with a fan in factor of four.

176 . A free running MV circuit is used for a clock generator.

177 . Four flip-flop circuits are needed to divided by 16.

178 . An index register in a digital computer is used for address modification.

179 . An index register in digital computer is register to be used for address modification process.

180 . A toggle operation is used with a flip-flop.