Digital Electronics Objectives Part 17

321 . MOS family that dominates the LSI field is NMOS.

322 . MOS family is used extensively where lowest power consumption is necessary, is CMOS.

323 . A charge coupled device has low cost per bit.

324 . In magnetic film memory, the memory element consists of nickel iron alloy.

325 . An eight-bit digital data 10101100 is fed to an ACD. The reference voltage is +10 volts. The analog output voltage will be 6.53.

326 . EAROM memory is electrically alterable.

327 . A secondary memory is always slower than primary memory.

328 . Micro-processor 8085 is the enhanced version of 8080 with essentially the same construction set.

329 . A state during which noting happens is known as nop.

330 . Opcode that part of construction which tells the computer what operation to perform.

331 . In 8085 the instruction register is part of the control unit. The contents of the instruction register are split into two nibbles. The upper nibble goes to the controller sequence.

332 . The mnemonics used in writing a program is called assembly language.

333 . A fetch cycle is the first part of the instruction cycle.

334 . The program counter, which is a part of the control unit, counts from 0000 to 1111. It sends to the memory the address of the next instruction.

335 . In 8085, the MAR, or memory address register, latches the address from the program counter. A bit later, the MAR applies this address to the RAM where a read operation is performed.

336 . SAP-I has six T states, period during which register contents change.

337 . In micro-processer like 8080 and the 8085 the instruction cycle may have from one to five machine cycle.

338 . Repeated addition in one way to do multiplication. Programmed multiplication is used in most micro-processors because, their ALUs can only add and subtract.

339 . A mask is used to isolate a bit; it does this because the ANI sets all other bits to zero.
Question 340 to 342 refer to data below:
See the program
Label Mnemonic

340 . In this 120 times (decimal) is the DCR C executed.