21. For a triangular wave , the form factor is
a. 1.05
b. 1.11
c. 1.15
d. 1.20

22. For a square wave the form factor is
a. 1.0
b. 1.10
c. 1.11
d. 1.15

23. The peak factor for the above voltage is
a. 1
b. 1.11
c. 1.41
d. 1.732

24. A load draws 10 W power form a 10 V source drawing 10 A current . the power factor is
a. unity
b. 0.1
c. 0.01
d. 0.001

25. Two sinusoidal quantities are said to be in phase quadrature , when their phase different is
a. 0 degree
b. 30 degree
c. 45 degree
d. 90 degree

26. Which of the following relation is incorrect
a. Real power / Apparent power
b. kW / kVA
c. Resistance / Impedance
d. Conductance / Susceptance

27. The capacitors for power factor corrections are related in terms of
a. Voltage
b. VA
c. kW

28. Poor power factor results in all of the following EXCEPT
a. overloading of transformer
b. overloading of altermators
c. reduction in power losses
d. reduction in load handling capacity of electrical system

29. Power factor of an inductive circuit can be improved by connecting a capacitor to it in
a. Series
b. Parallel
c. either series or parallel
d. depends on the value of the capacitor

30. For the same load , if the power factor of load is reduced , it will
a. draw more current
b. less current
c. same current but less power
d. less current but more power