Control System Objectives Part 07

121 . Which one of the following must have negative real parts for a stable system? The system eigen values.

122 . A type 1 system under parabolic input will have actuating signal which will increase with time.

123 . The transfer function of a system is10(1+0.2s)1+0.5𝑠The phase shift at w=0 and w=∞ be(none of the above)

124 . The Bode plot of a transfer function G(s)=s is 20 dB/decade and phase shift of Ο€/2.

125 . The decade frequency range is specified by π°πŸπ’˜πŸ=10


126 . It is found that the complete response of a system is given by the following equation Y(t)= 5 + 3 sin (ꙍt + 𝛿1) +e-3tsin (ꙍt + 𝛿20+ e5t) The steady state part of the above expression is given by5 + 3 sin (ꙍt + 𝛿1)

127 . The servo systems with step acceleration input is a type 2 system.

128 . Which of the following is the source of non-linearity? Backlash in gears, Threshold in seasons & Saturation in effects in amplifiers (All of the above).

129 . A differentiator is usually not a part of a control system because it increases input noise.

30 . Frequency domain analysis is preferred when dealing with systems having input as sinusoidal with variable frequency and amplitude.

131 . A system is critically damped. Now if the gain of the system is increased the system will behave as under damped.

132 . The transfer function for the circuit shown in Fig. 26 when there is no external load, will be

133 . The response of a control system having damping factor as unity will be critically damped.
Questions 134 to 136 refer to Fig. 27

134 . The unit impulse test signal is represented by figure C.

135 . The ramp test signal is represented by Figure B.

136 . Damping is proportional toπŸβˆšπ’ˆπ’‚π’Šπ’.

137 . Integral error compensation in a control system minimize steady state error.

138 . For the mechanical system shown in Fig. 28 (a) as the force voltage analogous circuit is represented by (in Fig. 28 (b) ) Figure C.

139 . Which of the following is not in frequency domain? Root Locus Plot.

40 . The torque speed characteristics of ac servo motor is closer to Curve C.