Control System Objectives Part 09

161 . If the phase angle at the gain cross over point is Ꝋ then phase margin is 180+Ꝋ.

162 . Which of the following potentiometer has infinite resolution? Deposited field potentiometer.

163 . Identify the electromechanical device LVDT.

164 . For a linear transfer function of the variable, the transfer function of the system does not change.

165 . (𝑠+2)(𝑠+1)𝑠2(𝑠+3)(𝑠+4) is a type 2 system.

166 . An ideal potentiometer should have an infinite resolution.

167 . As compared to a potentiometer, which of the following is high for a LDT? None of the above.

168 . The effect of adding poles and zeros can be determined quickly by Bode Plot.

169 . In steady state the velocity error of a type 1 system will inversely proportional to gain constant of the system.

70 . A term not associated with potentiometer is backlash.

171 . Which of the following is incorrect? Nyquist criterion is in time domain.

172 . In case the initial conditions of a system are specified to be zero, it implies that the system is at rest without any stored energy.
Question 173 to 176 refer to data given below:
The open loop transfer function of a system isH(s)G(s) =10s(𝑠+2)(𝑠+5)

173 . The system is of type N=1.

174 . The value of ramp constant is 1.5.

175 . The value of steady state error when the input signal is a step of magnitude 2, will be 2.

176 . According to Routh criterion, the system is stable.
Question 177 to 181 refer to data given below:
Suppose an RLC electrical network with supply voltage u(t) and output voltage y(t) is described by
d2y𝑑𝑡2 + 6 𝑑y𝑑𝑡+ 25 y(t)= 50 u(t)

177 . The transient behavior of this network would best be described as a damped oscillation.

178 . If a step voltage of 10 volts is the input what is the output steady state voltage? 20.

179 . The impulse response of this network would tend to 0 value as t approaches ∞.

180. The damping coefficient ζ for the impulse response belongs to which category? 0<ζ<1.