Control Systems Objectives Part 01

01 . If torsional spring stiffness and reciprocal of capacitance are considered as analogous quantities the system being considered is torque-voltage

02 . Which of the following quantities under mechanical rotational system and electrical system are not analogous? Moment of inertia-conductance.

03 . The inverse Laplace transform of 1s+3 is e-3t

04 . When analogy is drawn between electrical systems and thermal systems, current is considered analogous to heat flow rate.

05 . For system shown in Fig. 18 (a) the analogous system is represented in Fig 18 (b) by figure A.

06 . The Laplace transform of damped sine wave e-at sinꙍt is ꙍ(𝒔+𝒂)𝟐+ꙍ𝟐 .

07 . Under thermal and electrical system analogy, temperature is considered analogous to voltage.

08 . Mass in mechanical translational system is analogous to moment of inertia under mechanical rotational system.

09 . The Laplace transform of e-at is 𝟏𝐬+𝐚

10 . Under electrical system and pneumatic system analogy, current is considered analogous to air flow rate.

11 . For the system shown in Fig. 26 (a) electric analog circuit is represented in Fig. 26 (b) byFigure C.

12 . The Laplace transform of cosine wave is 𝐬𝒔𝟐+ꙍ𝟐

13 . Charge air flow represents an analogous pair between electrical systems and pneumatic systems.

14 . Under force-current analogy, displacement is analogous to magnetic flux linkage.

15 . The inverse Laplace transform of 1s(s+2) 𝑖𝑠 𝟏𝟐 [1-e-2t]

16 . It is generally preferred to draw analogies of non-electrical systems to electrical systems because electrical systems are more easily amenable to experimental study.

17 . Under force-voltage analogy, reciprocal of capacitance is analogous to spring stiffness.

18 . The initial value of the function f(t) whose Laplace transform is F(S)=𝟒𝐬𝒔𝟑+𝐬𝟐+𝟗𝒔+𝟔will be zero.

19 . Under analogy of electrical and thermal systems, the resistance under thermal quantities is expressed in terms of 𝐂𝑱𝒐𝒖𝒍𝒆/𝒎𝒊𝒏

20 . Laplace transform of 1 is 𝟏𝐬.