NTDC Past Paper 2016 TEST

NTDC Conducts a recruitment drive almost every year for junior engineers. This NTDC Past Paper 2016, which was held on 14 October 2016,and other NTDC Past Papers will help the candidates to prepare for the recruitment tests.

01. FIFA worldcup 2018 will take place in.
a) Germany
b) Russia
c) Brazil
d) Qatar

02. PML (N) and PTI agreed upon rigging in election 2013 on.
a) JIT
b) Judicial Commission
c) NAB
d) FIA

03. Nawaz Sharif elected Prime Minister for.
a) 2nd
b) 4th
c) 5th
d) 3rd

04. The Iran–Pakistan gas pipeline is also called.
A. Friendship pipeline
B. Future pipeline
C. Peace pipeline
D. Unity pipeline

05. Zarb-e-azb operation was carried out to overcome.
A. Terrorism
B. Political
D. All of the above

06. Current president of india is.
B. Abul kalam Azad
C. Parnab Mukarjee
D. V.P. Singh

07. Current Chief Ministor of Punjab is.
A. Shehbaz Shareef

08. Allai Khwr under constructed dam in which province.
A. Punjab
B. Balochistan
D. Sindh

09. Muhammad Ishaq Dar is current minister of.
B . Finance

10. Famous Amjad Sabri shot and died in Karachi.
A. Qawwal

11. Attack on APS was took place on.
C. 16 Dec 2014

12. Malala Yousufzai won nobel prize with.
D. Kailash Satyarthi

13. Pakistan beat in 2016 Asia kabaddi cup.
C. India

14. Who won cricket world cup 2015.
B. Australia

15. Which Islamic scholar recently banned in Bangladesh.
C. Zakir Naik

16. Who declared a law against harassment of children.

17. Edhi Sb died due to which disease.
A. Kidney