NTDCL test MCQ’s.

01. The main Drawback of Feedback (system is.

02. The phase margin of system (specifies.

03. An electrode b/w cathode and anode (is called.

04. In PCM the quantization noise (depend on.

05. Video transmission on TV Broadcast is (usually on.

06. Padders are provided in radio (reciever for.

07. Graphical difference b/w nfft (and peet.

08. In poison distribution the probability of success is (close to.

09. Optical fibers depend on associated with (optical receiver.

10. Simple flip flop can be constructed by which (gate.

11. cells make concentration layer of (lens.

12. Which of communication system is (digital.

13. A PWM signal is (generated by.

14. In communication system fidelity is (provided by.

15. A balanced modulator produce 16 Receiver having poorer IF selectivity will have (poorer.

17. Basically (controller is.

18. Excessive noise in control system may (result in.

19. The decimal number (127 represent.

20. A programmer would most (likely prepare.

Universal (gate is.

22. Radio frequency chokes are air (cored to.

23. Negative maximum of cosine (waveform is.

24. In AC circuit power is (consumed by.

25. Admittance is (reciprocal of.

The pole shoes of DC machine are fastened to (pole core by.

27. A transformer (transform.

28. Transformer oil must be (free from.

29. A constant current transformer should (not have.

30. Unit of (potential.

31. In piston maximum (temperature at.

32. Which wire will have high tensile (strength.

33. Which will enter to super heater (of boiler.

Which variety of coal has lowest (calorific value.

35. A graphical representation b/w discharge and (time is called.

36. Which type test is conducted on (isolator.

37. The process of AC to Dc (conversion is called.

Green function method is useful (technique for.

39. In outdoor substation the lightening of arrester are (placed nearer to.

40. Which of the following loss of DC motor decrease with (increase in load.

41. The field last as long as current (flowing in the wire.