RLC Circuits Objectives PART 05

81 . The power supplied to a 50 mH inductor from a 120 V, 60 Hz source will be 766VAR.

82 . The power supplied to a 33 micro F capacitor from a 120 V, 60 Hz source will be Zero.

83 . Questions 83 to 85 refer to data given below :A series circuit consisting of R =.1.2 k ohms
and = 0.1 micro F is supplied with 45 Vat a frequency of 1 kHz. The apparent power is1 VA.

84 . The reactive power is 0.81 VAR.

85 . The true power is 0.6 W.

86 . When a.c. flows through an inductance (no resistance), then the current lags e.m.f. by pi/2.

87 . Three identical lyshaped segments of different materials have a voltage of 120 mV applied
between their ends. Asa result of the voltage, segment A has a current of 2500 micro A,
segment B has a current of 100000 mAand segment C has a current of 0.000002 A. The
materials are conductor, semi-conductor and insulators as B Aand C .

88 . 35 pico-coulombs of charge move pasta point in a wire every 1 ms. The current in the wire
will be 35nA.

89 . A certain wire has a current of 35 mA. The ch.irge passing through a given point in the .;
wire in 5 ms will be 175pC.

90 . Two charges q1 and q2 are separated by a distance of 0.05 millimeters. Each charge is
positive and has a magnitude of 2 pC. The force between the charges will be 1.44 x 10-5N.

91 . A sweep pulse is shown in Fig. below. The sweep time of the pulse is 4second.

92 . The slope of the ramp in Fig. 26 is -1 V/s.

93 . When a.c. flows through a capacitor, then the current leads e.m.f. by Pi/2.

94 . The frequency of the waveform shown in Fig below 3.3MHz.

95 . In a sine wave slope is constant nowhere.

96 . Questions 96 to 97 refer to figure below: the resistor with least resistance is R3.

97 . the resistor with highest resistance is R1.

98 . Questions 98 to 100 refer to figure below: The resonance frequency for the circuit is 10 kHz.

99 . At which a the following frequencies, the value of Xc will be least ?12 KHz.

100 . At which of the following frequencies, the phase angle of I relative to Es, will bezero:10 kHz.