71. Least current will be supplied by battery having internal resistance of
a. 0.25 ohm
b. 0.20 ohm
c. 0.10 ohm
d. all batteries will supply same current

72. The current drawn from the battery could be
a. 83 A
b. 22 A
c. 16.9 A
d. 10.2 A

73. The power lost in battery was nearly
a. 86 watts
b. 43 watts
c. 8.6 watts
d. 4.3 watta

74. The useful power as
a. 28.6 watts
b. 21.1 watts
c. 14.2 watts
d. 10.6 watts

75. The efficiency of battery was nearly
a. 88%
b. 77%
c. 66%
d. 55%

76. The short circuit current is nearly
a. 73.3 A
b. 66.1 A
c. 55.2 A
d. 44.4 A

77. The reference junction of a thermocouple is maintained it
a. O K
b. O F
c. O C
d. room temperature

78. In nickel-iron cell the electrolyte is
a. dilute sulphuric acid
b. dilute potassium hydroxide
c. dilute ammonium hydroxide
d. dilute sodium chloride solution

79. In Edison-cell the concentration of electrolyte
a. increase during charging
b. decrease during charging
c. increase during discharging
d. remains unaltered

80. In Edison-cell the positive plates consists of
a. Nickel hydroxide
b. Iron
c. Pure nickel
d. Spongy iron