41. For a transistor the normal collector voltage is 12 V. if actually it is used to be 28 V , the troubled could be
a. Rl is open
b. Re is open
c. Ce is shorted
d. Ce is open

42. Which of the amplifier circuits using junction transistors has the best gain?
a. Common emitter
b. Common base
c. Common collector
d. All above has the same gain

43. Which circuit has its output signal from the emitter
a. Common base
b. Common emitter
c. Emitter follower
d. None of the above

44. In a transistor with normal bias
a. the emitter junction has a low resistance
b. the emitter junction has a very high resistance
c. the emitter junction supplies majority carriers into the base region
d. none of the above

45. The leakage current CE configuration may be round
a. few nano amperes
b. few micro amperes
c. few hundred micro amperes
d. few milli amperes

46. Which class of amplifier operates with least distortion
a. Class A
b. Class B
c. Class C
d. Class D

47. When a transistor is connected in common emitter mode, it will have
a. negligible inout resistance and high output resistance
b. high input resistance and low output resistance
c. medium input resistance and high output resistance
d. low input resistance as well as output resistance

48. A FET has
a. very high input resistance
b. very low input resistance
c. high connection emitter junction
d. forward biased PN junction

49. A quiescent state of a transistor implies
a. zero bias
b. no output
c. no distortion
d. no input signal

50. The collector current will be
a. 0.44 mA
b. 0.88 mA
c. 1.96 mA
d. 3.32 mA