Electrostatics Objectives Part 08

141 . The electric intensity inside a hollow sphere is 0. True

142 . A stationary electric charge produces electric as well as magnetic field. False

143 . One electron volt of energy is equal to 1.6*10^-19 J. True

144 . Electric field intensity can also be defined as the charge of potential per unit distance. True

145 . Three capacitors of different values are in parallel across a source of voltages V. The charge across each capacitor will be the same. False

146 . The potential of every point inside a hollow charged sphere is the same. True

147 . Electric field intensity is a scalar quantity. False

148 . In series system of capacitors, the charge on each capacitor is the same as the total charge of the circuit. True

149 . Electric field intensity is numerically the same as potential gradient at that point. True

150 . Electric lines of forces repel each other, never intersect and are always in a state of tension. True

151 . Electric charge is measured in coulombs and the coulomb is also the unit of electric flux. False

152 . The electric field strength in the space between the plates of a capacitor is directly proportional to the distance between to the plates and inversely proportional to the applied voltage. False

153 . The capacitance of a capacitor filled by a linear dielectric is independent of charge on the plates and the potential difference between the plates. True

154 . In a single phase motor, condenser is used for power conservation. False

155 . In a tube light circuit condenser is used for phase splitting. False

156 . Potential V=r*cos(pi) satisfies Laplace equation. False

157 . The dielectric strength of air is 3kV/mm. True

158 . Electrostatic lines of force originates from a positive charge and terminate on a negative charge. True

159 . A capacitor is a sort of open circuit to dc. True

160 . The current through a capacitor is zero if the voltage across it is not changing with time. True