Electrostatics Objectives Part 09

161 . A capacitor never store energy, but only dissipates it. False

162 . Absolute permittivity of vacuum is taken as 8.854*10^-12 farad/m. True

163 . A capacitor assist an abrupt change in the voltage across it. False

164 . It is impossible to change the voltage across a capacitor by a finite amount in zero time. True

165 . For a electrostatic field to be conservative the potential difference any two points is zero. True

166 . Both Xe and e0 are dimensionless. False

167 . Electric current flowing in a copper wire is not an example of convection current. True

168 . The electric flux density on a spherical surface r = b is same for a point charge Q located at the origin and for charge Q uniformly distributed on surface r = a (a<b). True

169 . A point charge Q3=-3nc located at midpoint between Q1=1nc and Q2=2nc experience no net force. True

170 . For sea water with Er=80, permittivity is 5.074*10^-10 F/m. True

171 . Charge and potential inside and outside an electric screening are completely dependent of one another. True

172 . A conductor is an equi-potential body and E is always tangential to conductor. True

173 . In a linear dielectric, P varies linearly wit E. False