How to calculate total connected load of home/office/industry

Whether we are engineer, electrician, or even a common man, sometimes, there is situation comes in our life where we have to find our electrical connected load in our house, office, or industry. If you are engineer, electrician then we have to do it so many times in different situations. However, today we are going to provide you the easy way understanding to understand this concept.

In electrical system, to find out total connected load (TCL) is very important because on the basis of this you assess the requirement of cables size, size of the circuit breakers, and getting approval of accurate sanctioned load from utility service provider.

What is total connected load?

The sum of power rating of all devices or accessories which are installed or connected in the system are called total connected load


Let suppose if we have

  • 10 x Nos of 15W LED Lights : 10 x 15 = 150W
  • 5 x Nos of 65 W Fans : 05 x 65 = 325W
  • 1x Nos of 1 hp motor: 01 x 746 = 746W
  • 1x Nos of 1500 W Iron: 01 x 1500 = 1500

Total Connected Load: 150 + 325+ 746 + 1500 = 2721 W or 2.72KW

so this is easy way to understand this concept. if you have more appliances you can add their power rating in this so you can find out electrical load of your own house.

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