Magnetostatics Objectives Part 01

01 . Unit of relative permeability is it is dimensionless

02 . A magnetic pole is that pole which when placed in vacuum at a distance of one meter form a similar and equal pole repels it with a force of 1/4πμo newtons

03 . Which of the following is a vector quantity: Magnetic field Intensity

04 . The ratio of intensity of magnetization to the magnetizing force is known as susceptibility

05 . Unit of susceptibility is Henry/meter

06 . A conductor of length L has current I passing through it, which when placed parallel to a strong magnetic field. The force experienced by the conductor will be Zero

07 . A wire 2.5m long is bent into a square. A current of 100A flowing through the wire will produce a magnetizing force at the center of the square equal to 144AT/m

08 . In case the wire in above problem is bent in the form of a circle, for the same current of the coil will same as 144AT/m

09 . Two infinitely long parallel conductor in vacuum are separated 1m between centers, when a current of 1 ampere flows through each conductor, produce on each other a force of 2×10-7 N per meter length

10 . If the circle and square have the same area, the magnetizing force at the center of the coil, as a result of current flowing through the coil, will be in the ratio (𝜋32)1/3

11 . If the bar magnet is bent at its center to form the shape of L, the magnetic moment of the bent magnet will be 1/√2 times the original

12 . Two straight parallel conductors carry equal currents in opposite directions. The force between them is repulsive

13 . A property of a material which opposes the creation of magnetic flux in it is known as reluctance

14 . The unit of reluctance is Henry-1

15 . Reciprocal of reluctance is permeance

16 . Whenever a conductor cuts magnetic flux, an e.m.f. is induced in that conductor. Above statement is due to Faraday’s law

17 . A coil of 100ohm is placed in a magnetic field of 1m Wb. The coil has 100 turns and a galvanometer of 400 ohms resistance is connected in series with it. If the coil is moved in 1/10th second from the given field to 0.2mWb, average emf will be 0.4V

18 . In the above problem current induced will be 1.6mA

19 . A conductor of length 100cm moves at right angles to a uniform field flux density of 1.5 Wb/cm2 with a velocity of 50 m/s. The emf induced in the conductor will be 75V

20 . In the above problem the induced emf will be reduced to half if the conductor moves at an angle of 30o to the direction of the field.