Magnetostatics Objectives Part 04

61 . In order to minimize loss due to hysteresis, the magnetic material should have low hysteresis coefficient

62 . Gilbert is the unit of magnetomotive force

63 . Reciprocal of permeability is reluctivity

64 . One watt is not the same as 980 dynes

55 . A ferro-magnetic core subjected to cycles of magnetization will exhibit hysteresis when the cycle is Alternating, rotating and pulsating.

56 . The electromagnetic force or torque developed in any physical system tends to decrease the reluctance

67 . The mmf of magnetic circuit is analogous to which quantity of electric circuit emf

68 . The relative permeability of is less than unity in case of diamagnetic materials

69 . The core of a transformer for microwave frequency should be made of ferrites

70 . Hysteresis loss least depends on ambient temperature

71 . Which coil will have least inductance A coil in which current of 10mA increasing at the rate of 2amp/sec represents a power flow of 60microWatt

72 . Which of the following is the unit of magnetic flux density Tesla

73 . A crack in the magnetic path of an inductor will result in reduced inductance

74 . The Z-axis carries filamentary current of 10piA along az. Which of these is incorrect H=-a at (5, 3pi/2, 0)

75 . The circuit elements which will oppose the change in circuit current are Inductance

76 . The law that the induced emf and current always oppose the cause producing them is due to Lenz

77 . Which of the following is the unit of inductance milli-Henry

78 . A ferrite core has less eddy current loss than an iron core because ferrites have high resistance

79 . The magnetism left in the iron after exciting field has been removed is known as permeability.

80 . Diagram Question—