Magnetostatics Objectives Part 05

81 . Reluctivity is analogous to Resistivity

82 . Diagram Question—

83 . Which of the following is not a unit of inductance Coulomb/volt ampere

84 . For DC voltage an inductor is virtually a short circuit

85 . Which of the following circuit elements will oppose the change in the circuit current Capacitor

86 . Which of the following is not the unit of flux Tesla

87 . 1 Maxwell is the same as 108 Webers

88 . For an inductance, current is proportional to magnetic field

89 . Which of the following statements concerning an electric filed is not true The electric field intensity at a point is numerically equal to the force exerted upon a positive charge placed at that point

90 . A pure Inductance when connected across 220V, 50Hz supply consumes 100W. From this statement it can be concluded that The statement is false.

91 . The area of Hysteresis loop is a measure of energy loss per cycle

92 . The unit of flux density is Webers/m2

93 . Diagram Question—

94 . Which of the following is true for a purely inductive circuit Actual power is zero

95. Which of the following magnetic paths will require the largest mmf Air Gap

96 . Plane y = 0 carries a uniform current of 10 az mA/m. At (1, 10 -2), the magnetic field intensity is -15ax mA/m

97 . Which of the following can induce the maximum induced voltage 1amp, 100Hz

98 . Permeance is to reluctance as conductance is to resistance

99 . If Ф is 9000 maxwells through 3cm2, what will be B in gauss units 3000 G

100 . How much will be B in tesla units for Ф of 90micro Wb through 0.0003 m20.3T