Oscillators Objectives Part 01

01 . Crystal controlled oscillator is most stable oscillator.

02 . f=1/2pi sqrt RC for Wein Bridge Oscillator Frequency 3.Barkhausen criterion for oscillator stability is

03 . Barkhausen criterion for oscillator stability is Ạẞ=1

04 . A Hartley Oscillator Circuit uses for Tapped inductor for inductive feedback

05 . Rc phase shift Oscillator will not produce any Oscillation Until and unless Voltage gain of its internal Amplifier is around 3

06 . for Good stability tuned circuit should have high Q

07 . varactor in voltage-controlled oscillator needs Reverse Dc control Voltage

08 . The phase Comparator in PLL circuit is used to Provide Dc Control Voltage

Crystal control Oscillator can be expected to give highest Q factor

10 . Beat frequency oscillator consists of Two oscillator.

11 . Blocking Oscillator are used as High Impedance switches and frequency divider.

12 . In a practical Oscillator AB is slightly greater than 1.

13 . In Case of RC a phase shift Oscillator, the Frequency oscillation is f=1/2*pi sqrt RC

14 . Oscillator Circuit can be operated in class A condition for better wave shape.

15 . In Circuit shown feedback to Q1 through C1 fig 17

16 . free running applies to mutlivibrator circuit.

17 . A phase shift Oscillator Consist of number of RC Circuits.

18 . The loop gain in phase shift Oscillator is 360 degree.

19 . f=1/2*pi sqrt LC Hartley oscillator.

20 . Monostable Multivibrator Can be used to Generate sweep.