Oscillators Objectives Part 02

21 . Schmitt trigger Circuit Can be used for converting a sine wave to square wave.

22 .
tuned circuit is used for frequency stabilization of an oscillator.

23 . relaxation oscillator incorporates two interdependent circuits in such way that output of each control the input of other.

24 . By increasing in transistor gain Oscillator can stop Oscillating.

25 . In Oscillation shown the feedback is regenerative

26 . which component varies the oscillator frequency C1

27 . typical frequency for a RC feedback Oscillator is 1KHz.

28 . When a 6 MHz crystal is followed by a frequency tripler, the output will be 18 MHz.

29 . A typical resonant frequency for a crystal oscillator. is 3.275 MHz

30. Typical Q for a crystal is 25000.

31 . An oscillator using a capacitive voltage di vider to provide feedback is Colpitts.

32 . RF feedback oscillators are usually tuned by varying the L or C.

33 . Oscillator shown is Voltage controlled Oscillator.

34 . higher positive Dc control Voltage will make the Oscillator frequency higher.

35 . Crystall controlled Oscillator is best frequency stability and accuracy.

36 . Colpit Oscillator fig 20.

38 . L1 component is varied to tune OSCILLATORS.

39 . In a free running multivibrator, each stage is cut-off for 1 us. the oscillator frequency is 0.5 MHz.

40 . TO generate a I kHz note, the most suitable circuit is Wein bridge oscillator.