Oscillators Objectives Part 03

41 . When L is doubled and C is halved, the frequency is unchanged.

42 . Positive feedback is the same as Regeneration.

43 . An oscillator that uses a tapped coil in the LC tuned circuit is the Hartley Oscillator

44 . The input to the phase comparator is 5kHz

46 . When the VCO is operating at 16.400 MHz what divisor is needed to get 5 KHz is 3280

47 . One of the synthesized output frequency is 26.975MHz.

48 . The frequency division for the crystal oscillator is 1/2119.

49 . If C be the capacitance, then frequency of oscillations in case of Wein bridge oscillator is proportional to 1/C.

50 . Oscillators have positive feedback.

51 . The frequency of a tuned RF feedback oscillator with 240 pH fprLand 180 PF force is 765.7KHz.

52 . L is needed with a C of 20 PF for an oscillatory frequency of 110.7 MHz is 0.1uH.

53 . The crystal oscillator frequency is very stable due to High Q of the Crystal.

54 . Parasidc oscillations are unwanted oscillations created due to stray capacitances and inductances.

55 . A crystal oscillator is used because the frequency of oscillations remains substantially constant.

56 . Surface Acoustic wave oscillators are suitable for I-C applications.

57 . The value of L needed with C of 20 PF for an oscillator frequency of 110.7 MHz is 0.1uH

58 . A tuned circuit used in Colpitts oscillator is shown in Fig.22. The frequency of oscillations will be 100MHz

59 . A Wein bridge oscillator has Rt=R = 220kQ and Ci = 250 pF. frequency of oscillations will be nearly 2.89KHz

60 . Spot the odd one out Stellite