Semi Conductors Objectives Part 06

101 . The maximum forward current in case of signal diode is in the range of few mili amperes.

102 . Zener diode is designed to operate in the breakdown region.

103 . Power diodes are generally silicon diodes.

104 . Wiedemann-Franz law correlates electrical and thermal conductivities.

105 . In a semi-conductor avalanche breakdown occurs when reverse bias exceeds the limiting value.

106 . In a half wave rectifier, the load current flows only for the positive half cycle of input signal.

107 . If 10 Vis the peak voltage across the secondary of the transformer in a half wave rectifier (without any filter circuit), then the maximum voltage on the reverse biased diode will be 10V.

108 . In a center tap full wave rectifier, 50V is the peak voltage between the center tap and one of the ends of the secondry. The maximum voltage across the reverse biased diode will be 100V.

109 . In a zener diode sharp break down occurs at low reverse voltage.

110 . The dc output voltage from a power supply increase with higher values of filter capacitance and decreases with more load current.

111 . With an ac input from 50 Hz power line, the ripple frequency is 50Hz in the DC output of half wave as well as full wave rectifier.

112 . Fig.11 represents a LED.

113 . Fig.12 represents a Varactor Diode.

114 . Fig.13 represents a Diode.

115 . Fig.14 represents a Tunnel Diode.

116 . Fig.15 represents a Zener Diode.

117 . Any semi-conductor material has valence of electrons 4.

118 . In N-type semi-conductor electrons are majority career while holes are minority careers.

119 . A semi-conductor that is electrically neutral has equal amount of positive and negative charges.

120 . Resistivity of a semi-conductor depends on atomic nature of semiconductors.