Transistors Objectives part 04

61 . A reverse bais saturation current for a particular. PN junction is 1 micro amperes at 300 k .its dc slope resistance at 150 mv forward bias will be closer to 78 ohm

62 . Which of the following is not provided in a PNP transistor heater.

63 . Which of the following amplifier circuit using junction transistor has the best gain common emitter.

64 . Each of two cascade stage has a voltage gain of 30. The overall gain is 900.

65 . The Darlington pair consists of the following two stages both CC.

66 . In amplifier, the parasitic oscillations result due to transistor inter junction capacitance.

67 . Which of the following combination has no phase inversion of the signal two CE stages.

68 . The circuit consisting of two transistor connected in series with the dc supply voltage is called stacked v+.

69 . In oscillator class C operation in preferred because it is most efficient.

70 . Three cascade stages have gain of 10,20 and 25. The overall gain will be 5000.

71 . How many cascaded stages of CE amplifier will result in polarity inversion of the input signal three or five.

72 . Type equation here.72. Which coupling produces the minimum interference with frequency response direct coupling.

73 . Complimentary symmetry use two transistor that are PNP AND NPN.

74 . Which of the following circuit can operate class AB for audio power output Darlington pair.

75 . A dc amplifier both ac and dc.

76 . For an amplifier the power gain in decibels will be equal to voltage gain in decibels only when R0=Ri.

77 . The bandwidth of the amplifier is BW. If n stages of an such an amplifier are cascaded, the bandwidth will be

78 . A bipolar transistor is a current controlled device whereas a FET is a voltage-controlled device.

79 . Which of the following devices acts as a NPN and a PNP transistor connected base to base and

emitter to collector SCR.

80 . Which of the following is the fastest switching device MOSFET.