Transistors Objectives Part 02

21 . Which of the following number specification refers to FET with one gate 3N.

22 . In an NPN transistor if the emitter junction is reverse biased and collector junction is also reverse biased, the transistor will operate in cut off.

23 . In a normally biased NPN transistor the main current crossing the collector junction is a drift current.

24 . A transistor has PNP the electron flow into the transistor at collector and base.

25 . A diac is a semiconductor device which acts as a 2-terminal bidirectional switch.

26 . In a NPN transistor, when emitter junction is forward biased and collector junction is reverse biased the transistor will operate in saturation region

27 . In a transistor, currentIcboflows when some dc voltage is supplied in the direction to the collector junction with the emitter open circuit.

28 . Which of the following is necessary for transistor action the base region must be very narrow.

29 . Conventional baising of a bipolar transistor has EB forward biased and CB reverse biased.

30 . A triac is a semiconductor device which acts as a 3 terminal bidirectional switch

31 . Which of the amplifier circuit using junction transistor has the best gain common emitter.

32 . Which circuit has its output signal from the emitter emitter follower.

33 . In a transistor with normal bias the emitter junction has a very low resistance.

34 . The current Icbo increase with increase in temperature.

35 . The Icbo flows in base and collector leads.

36 . In PNP junction transistor as compared to base region the emitter region is more heavily doped so that the flow across the base region is mainly because of holes.

37 . In a transistor alpha is related to beta by the relation beta =-alpha/alpha -1

38 . In a transistor leakage current mainly depend on temperature

39 . Thermal runaway of a transistor occurs when there is axcessive leakage current due temperature rise.

40 . The leakage current is CB configuration may be around few micro amperes.