Transistors Objectives Part 03

41 . The input and output signals for CE amplifier are always out of phase.

42 . As compared to a CB amplifier, a CE amplifier has higher current amplification.

43 . In a resistance loaded, RC coupled amplifier the dc component is blocked by Cc.

44 . Which junction transistor is preferred for high input and low out impedance common collector.

45 . Common base configuration is little used because it has low input impedance.

46 . Common emitter transistor has high current and high voltage gain.

47 . Which of the following circuit would be preferred for a 455 kHz IF amplifier double tuned transformer.

48 . A FET has a gate source bais of -2v. The ac input signal is +- 1.2 V. The class of operation will be A.

49 . For a transistor the normal collector voltage is 12v. If actually it is load to be 28 + v .the double could be Re is open.

50 . The emitter bais largely depends on Ig.

51 . Emitter region in NPN transistor is more heavily doped than base region so that flow across the base region will be mainly of holes.

52 . The leakage current in CE configuration may be around few micro amperes.

53 . Which class of amplifier operates with least distortion class A.

54 . In a RC coupled amplifier for improving the low frequency response higher Cc is used.

55 . Which of the following plot can be directly used to determine beta Vce versus Ic for constant Ib.

56 . When a transistor is connected in common emitter mode, it will have medium input resistance and high output resistance.

57 . Which of the following statement correct? The emitter injects holes into the base region of the PNP transistor and electrons into the base region of the NPN transistor

58 . A FET has very high input resistance.

59 . A quiescent state of a transistor implies no input signal

60 . Which of the following plot can be used to show the input volt – ampere characteristics of a common emitter configuration Vbe versus Ib for constant values of Ib