Transistors Objectives Part 05

81 . Which of the following is the point of reference JFET source.

82 . A JFET can operate in depletion mode only.

83 . The properties of JFET resemble those of NPN transistor.

84 . The input gate current of FET is closure to negligibly smaller value.

85 . Which one of the following is a unipolar device FET.

86 . Which of the following statement is no true in case of FET it has large (gain x bandwidth).

87 . When n channel depletion type MOSFET are used in enhanced mode the gate will be positive.

88 . In an amplifier the degree by which the output signal wave shape differs from the input signal wave shape is known as distortion.

89 . Which of the following represents the efficiency of an amplifier ac power output/dc power dissipated at the output electrode.

90 . Icbo current is increases with temperature.

91 . The cascade amplifier which is often used in ICs is direct coupled.

92 . Which one of the following is expected to have the highest input impedance MOSFET.

93 . Highest operating frequency can be expected in case of MOSFET.