1. An Amplifier should have

a) Low Noise

b) Stable Operation

c) High Fidelity

d) All of the Above

2. If the operating point of an NPN transistor amplifier is selected in saturation region,it is likely to result in

a) clipping of output in the positive half of the input signal

b) thermal runaway of transistor 

c) clipping of output in the negative half the input signal 

d) need for high dc collector supply

3.The input signal to an Amplifiers having a gain of 400 is given as 0.5 cos (313 t)which of the following represents the out put signal?

a) 400 cos 313 t+90 degree )

b) 400 cos 313 t

c) 20 sin (413 t ) 

d) 20 cos( 413 t)

4. The power gain of an Amplifier is 40 and its voltage gain is 200degree. The current gain will be

a) 5 

b) 1/5 

c) 1/8

d) 8000

5.The signal handling capacity of an amplifier will be high when the operating point is selected

a) close to cut -off region 

b) in the middle of the active region

c) close to saturation region

d) at the extremities of the active region.

6. An amplifier circuit has voltage gain of 400.If the out put is 4V,the voltage should be

a) 10 mV 

b) 1/1600 V

c) 1600 V

d) 400V

7.Which of the 3 bipolar transistor configurations provides the best power gain

a) in CB

b) in CC

 c) in CE 

d) any one of the above

8. A transistor amplifier with 85% efficiency is likely to be

a) Class B 

b) Class C 

c) Class A

d) Class AB

9. Which of the following types of amplifiers can corresponds to a half-wave rectifier (for voltage waveform) ?

a) class C amplifier

b) class A amplifier

c) class D amplifier 

d) class B amplifier 

10. The circuit that would be used for a 455kHz If amplifier is

a) double-tuned transformer 

b) video amplifier

c) resistance -loaded

d) Class c.