An electrical consultant consulting firm which has responsibilities to conduct analysis on the design of an electrical system in a commercial or residential building, Infrastructure projects, Industry, Power Plants and recommend solutions or possible improvements. There is a huge number of Electrical Consultants currently working in Pakistan. From large firms to small firms, everyone is working within their own capacity. However, most of them covers variety of scope from MV, LV to ELV Systems.

Electrical Consultants
Electrical Consultants in Pakistan


Government of Pakistan established NESPAK in 1973 as a private limited company by the . Moreover, The objective of its creation was to create a pool of talented engineers, attain self-reliance in engineering consultancy and replace foreign consultants..

Currently NESPAK has total strength of more than 4100 employees.

The overall estimated turnover for the year 2019-2020 was Rs. 6.66 billion whereas the total cumulative cost of the projects undertaken by NESPAK is US $ 316 billion.


SMC was established in 1980. S. Mehboob & Company is a complete service Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Consulting Engineering Establishment specialized in Engineering Disciplines, Management Consultancy and Building Services.

Over the 40 years of excellence, SMC has over 800 projects to its credit and is one of the most well reputed consulting firms in Pakistan. With a team of experienced &dedicated professionals at its core, the company believes in modern and innovative concepts of design which have proven to be its competitive edge. The company currently employs over 120 permanent staff as a part of its Engineering discipline.


“Fahim, Nanji & deSouza (Pvt.) Limited is a firm of Consulting Engineers, specialized in Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing (MEP) Building Services. It is based in Karachi with a small office in Islamabad, and has to its credit projects throughout the country.

Evidently, With an excellent track record of more than 30 years, FND has recognition as one of the largest & foremost engineering consultants in the private sector building services field in Pakistan. In addition, the firm is registered with Pakistan Engineering Council, and the Principals of the firm are recognized members of a number of National and International Professional Societies & Bodies.

ElekEn Associates

ElekEn Associates is one of the leading electrical consultancy firms in Pakistan, leading not only in terms of projects in hand, but also the list of project completed successfully. Apart from this, ElekEn Associates enduring Services in diverse nature of market and industry. Moreover, having a strong and dedicated team of qualified engineers, agile working style, client retention and innovative solutions make it automatic choice for the clients.

Head Office: 513, R.S.M Square, Plot E-1,Shadeed e-Millat Road, Karachi. Phone : 92-021-3455-2037

 Email : [email protected]

KPWS Consulting

KPA Consulting was founded in 1997 with the underlying philosophy of leaving no stone unturned in serving our clients. KPA CONSULTING has grown into a mid-sized, multi-disciplinary engineering and IT consulting firm, having qualified & experienced professionals who are committed to their client satisfaction, regardless of the project magnitude.

In fact, Our projects are spread all over Pakistan. We have experience of working having diverse nature of clients with firms from the USA, UK and the Middle East. Furthermore, We have also provided our services on projects in Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.