This course has been designed for Electrical Engineers who want to pursue their career in Electrical Design & Consultancy field or just want to improve design skills set to have grip on certain concepts.

An electrical engineering consultant usually works with a consulting firm or an electric company who oversee electrical projects from their design to implementation and advise the companies on proper solutions for each project.

How to become an Electrical Consultant?

The basic qualifications you required to become an electrical engineering consultant include a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and hands-on electrical engineering or design experience. Since your responsibilities are to oversee projects and provide solutions to functionality and safety issues, you should also have project management expertise. You should be able to understand complex electrical systems and provide a thorough analysis on the efficiency of a design. Analytical and problem-solving skills are necessary for an electrical engineering consultant.

What are benefits to become an Electrical Consultant?

Electrical Consultants enjoy many benefits along with strong expertise on technical skills.

  • Strong Knowledge and understanding of the Complex Electrical Systems along with its nitty gritty.
  • Opportunities to visit in different cities and countries for diverse nature of activities and sites visits.
  • Respect and Integrity in the Industry.
  • Opportunity to introduce innovative ideas and practices in the industry.
  • Engineering Calculations will be on your finger tips

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Who should Attend this Course?

  • Fresh Electrical Engineers,
  • Experienced diploma holder/B tech degree holder
  • Experienced Engineers who want to improve their design skills
  • Maintenance professionals

Course Outline:

Initial Working

  • Introduction
  • Area Based Load Sheets
  • Initial Conceptual Design
  • Point Layout Drawings
  • Opening & Spaces Drawings
  • Review & Comments Drawings
  • Equipment Load sheets
General Drawings
Layout Drawings

  • Lighting Layouts
  • Power, Data & Telephone Layouts
  • CCTV System Layouts
  • Fire Alarm & Public Address System Layouts
  • Main Cable Containment Layout
  • Earthing Layout
  • Power, Voice & Data Layouts
  • Single Line Diagram (SLD)
  • Power Riser Drawings
  • Earthing System Riser Drawing
  • Fire Alarm System Schematic Diagram
  • Public Address System Schematic Diagram
  • CCTV System Schematic or Riser Drawing
  • Miscellaneous Installation Drawings
  • Cable Sizing and Selection Criteria
  • Breaker Sizing & Selection Criteria
  • Transformer Sizing
  • Generator Sizing
  • Utility Substation Room Sizing Criteria
  • Client Side Substation
  • Communication Rack Sizing
  • PFI Sizing Calculations

Additional Features:

  • Career Guidance
  • Network Growth
  • Detailed Session on Private Sector
  • Tips for Job Hunting


This course is comprised of 8 sessions on weekends. However, Each session consists of 2 Hours.


Details of charges are given below:

Actual Charges: Rs. 9999/ Only

Now, 20% Discount will be given to those who registered themselves before the Demo Lecture.

Registration Process:

Registration process starts by showing your interest in the course on given contact number or email address. After this , you will be given account details for payment of the course. After submission of charges, you will have to send your Name, City, University, Graduation year along with payment details for confirmation. However, Once you get confirmation, it means you are enrolled in the course. After registration, you will be given pre requisite guidelines to prepare certain tasks before the start of the course. Contact details are given below:

Contact#: 0341-2150644

Email Address: [email protected]