DISCOs / Wapda Interview Questions

Most of the people are trying to find out details about Wapda Interview preparations. Wapda is one of the leading engineering organization in Pakistan which recruits engineers every year. In this blog, I am going to share my experience in Wapda Interview which could help you in your preparation for this interview.

It was a beautiful rainy morning when I reached IESCO Head Office G-7/4 Islamabad around 8 AM. I was coming from karachi for Interview. There was a temporary sitting arrangement for the candidates and verification of the documents of the candidates.

Junior Engineers at Wapda Engineering Academy Faisalabad
Junior Engineers of the 64th Technical Induction Course at Wapda Engineering Academy Faisalabad (File Photo)

Required documents for Wapda Interview:

They were checking following documents of each candidate for IESCO Interview

  • All educational documents from school till graduation including Degree, Transcripts, Mark Sheets etc
  • PEC Certificate
  • Domicile
  • Original CNIC

Interviewer Panel of Wapda:

There were people in the panel from different formations of the Wapda

  • DG HR
  • Director Admin
  • Chief Engineer

DG HR and Director Admin were asking general knowledge questions while Chief engineer was asking technical questions.

Wapda Interview Questions:

Q. Introduce yourself

I have introduced myself given short brief about my educational background and city etc.

Q2.In which districts IESCO works?

I told them that IESCO covers 5 districts Attock, Jehlum Chakwal, Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Q3. How many consumer does IESCO have?

Me: IESCO have around 3.2 million consumer directly which covers overall lives of 25 million people.

Q: How did you know about this?

Me: When I got interview letter so first of all, I visited IESCO’s website for getting basic information about the company so I got this information from the website.

Q: What are losses?

Me: About which losses you are asking about? Technical or Administrative?

Q: Both

Me: Technical losses are just because of the system, if there are deficiencies in the systems, losses will be increased that can be improved by efficient and periodic inspection, maintenance of the system. While Administrative losses are just because of the negligence of the staff, or theft etc.

What does your father do?

There were some others questions but I don’t remember right now as 7 to 8 years have been passed since my interview.


If you are preparing for interview, I am recommending you some topic which must be prepared before interview. As we know that most of interview have been held by most senior management of Wapda so they ask questions typical related to their strong side. You should prepare following topics:

  • Power Transformers, Types, Vector group, Tap Changers, Losses, different test of Transformers, Insulation etc.
  • Power Factor Improvement Methods, Lagging, Leading Concept.
  • Power Triangle Concept
  • Protection Relays basics and its function and applications
  • HV Breakers Types, application, working principle
  • Bus Bar Schemes


Your preparation gives you confidence and you don’t need to be worried about the result. Your dressing and overall physical appreance will give you confidence in interview so never compromise on it. Just present yourself an ideal candidate for this position but avoid over confidence which could spoil your all efforts.

Best wishes for you.

if you want to share your experience with us so just tell us in comments section. Our team will contact you as we want to share it with everyone so it could help others to achieve their goals in the future.