101 In which of the following cases will the capacitor complete its discharge most rapidly A 50 pF
capacitor with a 20-mV charge discharging through a 200 milli-ohm resistance.

102 An electric bulb rated 220 V is connected 220 V, 5 Hz source. Then, the bulb glows

103 Which of the following refers to a parallel circuit? The current through any one element is
less than the source current.

104 Under which of the following case the power dissipated in R3 in the circuit shown will be increased.R4 is shorted circuited.

105 Capacitive susceptance is a measure of a purely capacitive circuit’s ability to pass current.

106 . Capacitive susceptance is expressed in terms Siemens.

107 . A 50 micro farad capacitor supplied from a 1.5-volt source with a frequency of 60 Hz: The
Capacitive reactance is 53 ohms.

108 The current that flows in the circuit is 2.2A.

109 A capacitor passes a current of 12.6 mA when supplied with 20 V ac with a
frequency of 1 kHz. The capacitance of the capacitor is 0.1 micro F.

`110 Admittance is a reciprocal of impedance.

111 Questions 16 to 19 refer to data given A series circuit consists of R =20 0ohms,L=
20 mH hand an ac supply of 60 V with f = 100 Hz. The current in R is 2.54 A.

112 The voltage across R is50.8 V.

118 The voltage across L is 31.9 V

19 The phase angle of current with respect to supply voltage is 32.1°.

20 Which of the following case represent largest mmf? A100 turn coil wound around 30cm
cardboard core and passing a current of 0.75 A.