41 . An electric potential field is produced by points charges 1uc and 4uc located at (-2,1,5) and (1,3,-1) respectively. The energy stored in the field is 5.14mJ.

42 . For a capacitance of 10uf the potential difference is increased uniformly from 0 to 600v in 2 seconds. The charging current must be 3mA.

43 . The capacitance between two plates increases with larger plate area and shorter distance between plates.

44 . A capacitor having a capacitance of 30uf is connected across a 200v dc source. The charging current will be least when capacitor is fully charged.

45 . Relaxation time for mica having sigma = 10^-15 mhos/m and E=6 is 15hrs.

46 . The current in a single element circuit leads the voltage 65 degree at all times. The circuit element is a capacitor.

47 . In case of a lossy capacitor, its series equivalent resistance value will be large.

48 . A parallel plate capacitor connected to a battery store twice as much charge with a given dielectric as it does with air as dielectric the susceptibility of the dielectric is 1.

49 . The number of image charges for a point charge between 2 conducting plates inclined at an angle of 30 degree to each other 11.

50 . A sphere of one meter radius can attain a maximum potential of 3 million volts.

51 . A capacitor of 200uf is charged to a potential of 100v. The stored energy in watt seconds will be 100.

52 . A capacitance C is charged through a resistance R. The time constant of the charging circuit is given by RC.

53 . The capacity of capacitor used in power factor correction is expressed in terms of KVAR.

54 . A 3uf capacitor is given charge of 2*10^-3C. The potential difference between the plates in volts is 3000.

55 . A capacitor is charged and source is then disconnected, When the plates are now separated potential difference changes.

56 . The dielectric of a charged capacitor experiences compressive force.

57 . A circuit component that opposes the change in the circuit voltage is capacitance

58 . A capacitor of 100uf is connected in series with a resistance of 1000 ohm. The time constant of the circuit is 0.1s.

59 . Three capacitors 2,3 and 6uf respectively are connected in series across a 500v dc supply. Which of the following will be same for all of the three capacitors? Energy stored

60 . The dissipating super drol factor of capacitor can be measured by using schearing bridge