Electrostatics Objectives Part 05

81 . A mica capacitor and ceramic capacitor have the same physical dimensions. Which has higher value of capacitance? Ceramic capacitor

82 . For the same rating which capacitor is physically smaller? Ceramic capacitor

83 . If an ohmmeter, values immediately goes practically to zero and stays there, capacitor is short circuited

84 . For a good 0.05uf capacitor, ohmmeter reading should show low resistance momentarily and back off to a very high resistance

85 . A 10uf capacitor charged to 10v has a stored energy equal to 100uC.

86 . Voltage applied across a ceramic dielectric produces an electrostatic field 100 times greater than in air. The dielectric constant of the ceramic equals 100

87 . The charge in a 4uf capacitor charged to 100v will be 400uC.

88 . A six dot mica capacitor color coded white, red, green, brown, red and yellow has the capacitance value of 250pf

89 . A capacitor has a value of 100pf. It means capacitor can store 100*10^-12C of charge with 1v.

90 . If a capacitor shows charging but the final resistance reading is appreciably less than normal, the capacitor is of high capacitance value

91 . The ohmmeter reading for a short capacitor is 0

92 . Capacitance increases with larger plate area and less distance between plates

93 . The electric field on equipotential surface is parallel to surface

94 . Surface integral of electric field intensity is differential of volume flux

95 . Which of the following capacitors will have least energy stored in it? A 500pf capacitor charged to 10kv

96 . A 2uf capacitor is charged by a constant 3uA charging current for 4s. The voltage across the capacitor will be 6v.

97 . If I be the current, C the capacitance and V the PD then I/CV will have the frequency

98 . If earth is assumed to be metallic sphere of radius 6400 kms, its capacitance will be nearly 0.71uf

99 . A capacitor has two conductors separated by an insulator

100 . Voltage applied across a ceramic dielectric produces an electrostatic field 100times greater than in air. The dielectric constant K of the ceramic will be 100