131. The transformed power will be
a. 620 W
b. 1240 W
c. 2480 W
d. 2760 W

132. The power conducted directly from the source of the load will be
a. 1240 W
b. 2000 W
c. 2760 W
d. 3000 W

133. The load current will be
a. 100 A
b. 87 A
c. 43.5 A
d. 25 A

134. The KVA delivered by transformer 1 will be
a. 55.5
b. 68.4
c. 114.4
d. 144

135. The kVA delivered by transformer 2 will be
a. 185.6
b. 155.4
c. 114.4
d. 100

136. Ina transformer on no load the input voltage
a. leads the magnetizing current by 90
b. lags the magnetizing current by 90
c. is in phase with magnetizing current
d. is always at 45 to the magnetizing current

137. In a transformer the voltage induced in the secondary windings
a. leads the flux by 90 degree
b. lead the flux by less than 45 degree
c. lags the flux by 90 degree
d. lags the flux by less than 45 degree

138. The maximum load that a power transformer can xarrying is limited by its
a. Volatge ratio
b. copper loss
c. temperature rise
d. dielectric strength of oil

139. The losses on a transformer are
a. copper losses
b. eddy current losses
c. hysteresis losses

140. For the circuit shown in figure the primary current will be
a. 12.8 A
b. 8.8 A
c. 6.4 A
d. 3.2 A