1. Which of the following constitutes an active component
    a. semi-condutor device
    b. resistors
    c. capacitors
    d. inductors

2. Which of the following is an active device
a. transformers
b. silicon controlled rectifier
c. electric bulb
d. loudspeaker

3. The process by which impurities are added to a pure semi conductor is
a. diffusing
b. drift
c. doping
d. mixing

4. Which of the following is a passive component
a. semi-conductor device
b. Vacuum tube device
c. capacitors
d. all of the above

5. Which of the following is used a passive component in electronic circuit
a. tunnel diode
b. capacitor
c. transistor
d. vacuum diode

6. A germanium atom contains
a. two electron orbits
b. three valence electrons
c. four protons
d. four valance electron

7. If the conductivity of germanium is 1.54 seimens/metre , its resistivity in ohms metre will be nearly
a. 65
b. 6.5
c. 0.65
d. 0.065

8. The type of atomic bonding most common in semi-conductor is
a. metallic
b. ionic
c. covalent
d. chemical

9. When an atom either gains or loses an electron it is said to be
a. ionized
b. bonded
c. excited
d. stabilised
e. an acceptor

10. The atomic weight of an atom is determined by
a. The number of protons
b. The number of neutrons
c. The number of protons and neutrons
d. The number of electrons and proton