131. The temperature coefficient is positive in case of
a. intrinsic semi-conductor
b. extrinsic semi-conductor
c. both intrinsic as well as extrinsic semi-conductor
d. neither intrinsic nor extrinsic semi-conductor

132. A light emitting diode produces light when
a. unbiased
b. forward biased
c. reverse biased

133. The rms value is
a. 84 V
b. 73 V
c. 53 V
d. 24 V

134. The value of V rms will be
a. 66.6 V
b. 54.4 V
c. 47.7 V
d. 27.2 V

135. The average value of voltage will be
a. 51.7 V
b. 47.8 V
c. 40.7 V
d. 35.5 V

136. The rms value of voltage will be
a. 63.3 V
b. 57.1 V
c.53.3 V
d.49.9 V

137. The effective value of voltage of the wave is clipped at 60 degree will be
a. 66.8 V
b. 61.3 V
c. 57.3 V
d. 51.3 V