61. In PN junction the region containing the uncompensated acceptor the donor ions is
a. Transition zone
b. Depletion region
c. Neutral region
d. Active region

62. In a reverse biased P-N junction , the current through the junction increases abruptly at
a. Zero voltage
b. 1.2 V
c. 0.72 V
d. Breakdown Voltage

63. In a semi-conductor diode , the barrier offers opposition to
a. Holes in p region only
b. free electron in N-region only
c. Majority carriers in both regions
d. Majority as well as minority carriers in both regions

64. If too large current passes through the diode
a. All electrons will leave
b. All holes will freeze
c. Excessive heat may damage the diode
d. Diode will emit light

65. Which of the following could be the maximum current rating of junction diode by 126?
a. 1 A
b. 10 A
c. 20 A
d. 100 A

66. When reverse bias is applied to a junction diode
a. Minority carrier current is increased
b. Majority carrier current is increased
c. Potential barrier is lowed
d. Potential barrier is raised

67. For a PN-junction diode, the current in reverse bias may be
a. Few amperes
b. Between 0.5 A and 1 A
c. Few milli amperes
d. Few micro or nano amperes

68. If the diode resistance in forward bias is zero the dc voltage across the load will be nearly
a. 15 V
b. 12 V
c. 10 V
d. 8 V

69. The peak inverse voltage of the diode will be nearly
a. 62 V
b. 50 V
c. 41 V
d. 31 V

70. Which of the following rectifier needs four diodes?
a. Half wave rectifier
b. Centre-tap full wave rectifier
c. Bridge rectifier
d. None of the above