71. The ripple factor for a half wave rectifier is
a. 2
b. 1.21
c. 0.7
d. 0.45

72. The ripple factor for a full wave rectifier is
a. 1
b. 0.96
c. 0.64
d. 0.482

73. Maximum rectification efficiency for a half wave rectifier is
a. 100%
b. 88%
c. 50%
d. 40.6%

74. The maximum rectification efficiency in case of full wave rectifier
a. 100%
b. 81.2%
c. 66.6%
d. 40.6%

75. A full bridge rectifier is supplied voltage at 50 Hz The lowest ripple frequency will be
a. 400 Hz
b. 200 Hz
c. 100 Hz
d. 50 Hz

76. For signal diodes the PIV rating is usually in the range
a. 1 V to 10 V
b. 10 V to 30 V
c. 30 V to 150 V
d. 150 V to 400 V

77. The maximum forward current in case of algnal diode is in the range of
a. 1 A to 10 A
b. 0 A to 1 A
c. Few milli amperes
d. Few nano amperes

78. Which of the following diode is designed to operate in the breakdown region
a. signal diode
b. power diode
c. zener diode
d. none of the above

79. Power diodes are generally
a. silicon diodes
b. Germanium diode
c. Either of the above
d. None of the above

80. Wiedemann-franz law correlates
a. Electrical and thermal conductivities
b. Electron arrangement in shells
c. Temperature and photo electric emission
d. all of the above