61. The output voltage of a silver oxide cell is
a. 1.1 Volts
b. 1.2 Volts
c. 1.5 Volts
d. 1.71 Volts

62. In a lithium cell the positive electrode is made of
a. zinc dust
b. stainless steel
c. spongy iron
d. carbon

63. Which efficiency of a battery is more than the remaining
a. Watt hour efficiency
b. Ampere hour efficiency
c. Overall efficiency
d. (a),(b) and (c) above have the same value

64. While comparing alkaline batteries with lead acid batteries which one of the following can be cited as the advantage of the former over later
a. Low initial cost
b. Electrical robustness
c. High output voltage
d. All of the above

65. A fuel cell converts ………. energy into electrical energy
a. chemical
b. mechanical
c. solar
d. magnetic

66. In a lead acid , hydrogen is liberated at
a. negative plate
b. positive plate
c. Both negative and positive plates
d. none of the plates

67. In a lead acid cell Pbso4 is formed during
a. charging only
b. discharging only
c. both during charging as well as discharging
d. neither during charging nor discharging

68. The equivalent resistance of the battery is
a. 0.0526 ohm
b. 0.526 ohm
c. 1.9 ohm
d. 19 ohms

69. The current from the battery will be
a. 0.902 A
b. 1.902 A
c. 10.9 A
d. 21.2 A

70. The terminal voltage will be
a. 1.5 V
b. 1.35 V
c. 1.15 V
d. 1.1 V