81. The electrolyte used in nickel cadmium cell is
a. sodium chloride solution
b. sulphuric acid (dilute)
c. potassium hydroxide
d. ammonium hydroxide

82. The efficiency of a modern accumulator is of the order of
a. 100%
b. 70%
c. 50%
d. 33%

83. A cell which is used as a voltage refrence source for instrument calibration is
a. mercury-cadmium cell
b. solar cells
c. dry cells
d. nickel-cadmium cell

84. The maximum distance that the vehicle may travel before the batteries must be recharged will be
a. 30 km
b. 45 km
c. 60 km
d. 80 km

85. The minimum safe level of charging current is
a. 100 A
b. 80 A
c. 60 A
d. 50 A

86. The total numbers of cells required will be
a. 16 cells
b. 12 cells
c. 10 cells
d. 8 cells

87. If one of the cells is accidentally connected in reverse . what will be the output from the supply
a. 7.5 V
b. 6 V
c. 5.4 V
d. 4.8 V

88. Which of the following is not a primary cell
a. carbon-zinc
b. silver-oxide
c. silver zinc
d. Nickel-cadmium

89. The current flowing between electrodes inside a lead acid battery is
a. electron current
b. proton current
c. ionization current
d. polarization current

90. Thirty zinc carbon dry cells are connected in series . The total voltage output will be
a. 1.5 V
b. 30 V
c. 45 V
d. 60 V