91. A cell does 5 joules of work in carrying 10 coulombs of charge around a closed circuit the emf of the cell is
a. 4 Volts
b. 3 Volts
c. 1 Volts
d. 0.5 Volts

92. Choose the correct relation
a. potential= charge x capacity
b. charge = potential/ capacity
c. potential = charge/capacity
d. capacity = potential x charge

93. When the internal resistance of a cell is large compared to the external resistance in the circuit then high current can flow through the external resistance by grouping the cells
a. as in series
b. in parallel
c. in either series or parallel
d. mixed

94. The current flow through electrolyte is due to the movement of
a. electrons
b. protons
c. holes
d. ions

95. The condition whether a lead – acid battery on charge . is fully charged or not can be ascertained from any of the following Except
a. specific gravity
b. gasing
c. colour of plates
d. colour of electrode

96. The greater the internal resistance of a cell
a. the lesser the emf
b. the lesser the terminal voltage
c. the greater the emf
d. the greater the terminal voltage

97. When cells are connected in parallel grouping then
a. current – capacity decreases
b. current capacity decreases
c. EMF increases
d. EMF decreases

98. out of the following which one will have the highest anode current density
a. zinc plating
b. cadmium plating
c. silver plating

99. Electrolyte for silver plating is
a. double cyanide of silver and potassium solution
b. dilute sulphuric acid
c. potassium nitrate solution
d. any of the above

100. EMF of cell depends upon
a. External resistance
b. Internal resistance
c. Electrolyte
d. Area of plates inside electrolyte