01. In an Edison cell, the electrolyte used is
a. Sodium Chloride
b .Ammonium Sulphate
c. Potassium hydroxide
d. Hydrochloric acid

02. The life of a lead acid battery is expected to be
a. Six month
b. One year
c. two to five years
d. ten to fifteen years

03. On ampere hour basis the efficiency of a lead acid battery is in the range
a. 90 to 95 percent
b. 80 to 85 percent
c. 70 to 75 percent
d. 60 to 65 percent

04. Which cell has the reversible chemical reaction?
a. Lead acid
b. Mercury oxide
c. Carbon zinc
d. Silver oxide

05. Container of a lead acid battery is made of
a. moulded hard nibber
b. Ceramics
c. Celluloid
d. any of the above

06. The plates of a lead acid battery are made of
a. rolled zinc copper alloy
b. Cast animonial lead alloy
c. perforated nickel cadnium alloy
d. pressed antimony bismuth alloy

07. The condition of a fully charged lead acid battery can be ascertained by
a. Voltage
b. Specific gravity of electrolyte
c. gassing
d. any of the above

08. During charging the electrolyte of a lead acid battery becomes
a. stronger
b. weaker
c. diluted with water
d. there is no change in electrolyte

09. The value of specific gravity of acid when a lead acid battery is fully charged is
a. 1.285
b. 2.185
c. 2.585
d. 2.9585

10. In a lead acid battery during charging
a. anode becomes whitish in colour
b. voltage drops
c. specific gravity of acid increases
d. the cell gives out energy