51. Which of the following is not provided in a PNP transistor?
a. Base
b. Collector
c. Emitter
d. Heater

52. Which of the following amplifier circuit using junction transistor has the best again
a. Common base
b. Common emitter
c. Common collector
d. All have the same gain

53. Each of two cascaded stages has a voltage gain of 30. The overall gain is
a. 3
b. 9
c. 30
d. 900

54. The darlington pair consist of the following two stages
a. CE and CC
b. both CE
c. both CC
d. CE and CB

55. In amplifier , the parasitic oscillations result due to
a. transistor inter-junction capacitance
b. push pull operator
c. negative feedback
d. poor inter-stage coupling

56. Which of the following combination has no phase inversion of the signal?
a. Two CE stages
b. CE and CC stages
c. Three CE stages
d. CE stage and emitter follower

57. The circuit consisting of two transistor connected in series with the dc supply voltage called
a. push pull
b. differential pair
c. stacked V
d. complementary symmetry

58. In oscillators class-C operation is preferred because it
a. in most efficient
b. has frequency stability
c. gives larger output
d. it produces nearly square waves

59. Three cascaded stage have gains of 10,20 and 25 . The overall gain will be
a. 10
b. 55
c. 500
d. 5000

60. How many cascaded stage of CE amplifier will result in polarity inversion of the input signal?
a. Two
b. Three
c. Five
d. None