No doubt that CPEC is the game-changer for this region especially for Pakistan. This program can bring a lot of opportunities for Pakistani Engineers, Other professionals, and local labor but unfortunately when we look into the reality then we come to know that most of the Chinese companies are bringing their workforce with them from China.

CPEC Projects

Through a reliable source I came to know that Chinese companies are bringing even prisoners from china for labor work then you can imagine that how Chinese companies can give opportunities to Pakistani Engineers and other professionals in the CPEC Projects. I don’t know what is the agreement between Pakistan and China regarding the workforce? If there is any agreement which allows Chinese companies to bring their workforce from china. if we have any agreement like that then we need to revise all those agreements. Because if Pakistani Engineers and Professionals are not getting opportunities in Pakistan’s based projects then where they will get opportunities? So it is point of concern for the authorities in Pakistan. It needs thorough analysis to find out the reasons whether it is due to non-availability of skilled work force or any other reason? If so, then our concerned ministry or departments should take immediate steps to enhance the skills of labor up to the desired standards. and leaving no excuse for Chinese and other companies to bring manpower from outside.

Government of Pakistan should make a crystal clear percentage criteria for locals in agreement with all foreign companies which are working in Pakistan on CPEC Projects. An agreements should be made with all foreign companies to train local engineers and professionals. I hope that government will take proper actions to create opportunities for local Pakistanis to work on CPEC projects. This will reduce the unemployment in the country. We should always look forward to become self-reliant. But that can only be possible when we provide these type of opportunities to our own people. We can contribute in the development of the country in a better way. Otherwise, we will always look towards others to execute any project.

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