Lahore Electric Supply Company is an electric distribution company that supplies electricity to the districts of Lahore, Okara, Sheikhupura, Nankana and Kasur in Pakistan.

1. Intel MEI_51 microprocessor is
A. 8051 B. 8086 C. None of the above

2. In open loop output is
A. dependent on input B. independent of input

3. derivative of dQ/dt is know as
a. current
b. voltage
c. charge

4. transmission voltage for 20 to 25 km line is
a. 11kv
b. 33 kv
c. 200 kv

5. to reduce the conductor material in transmission voltage we do( actual question was lengthy, this is summarized)
a. double the voltage
b. do nothing etc

6. which one is correct for synchronous generator
a. rotation is same as rotating magnetic field of stator

7. A voltage source conecting series resister is to be converted to current source having resister parallel with. we use
A. Voltage transformation B. current transformation C. Source transformation

8. Close loop control system is term related to : .Options are not remembered.

9. 10000MW consumes 3 millions of coal annually is equivalent to nuclear plants’s
enriched uranium carbon oxide ?
A. 1_5 kg UCO2  B. 10-15 kg

10. Pressure of airblast CB : 10-30 KG/M2

11. function of counter register ?
Program Counter (PC) holds the address of the next instruction to execute

12. definition of generator.
13. 33 kv and 66 kv voltages?
a) minor transients b) sub transient c) flutter voltages d) sub transmission voltages

14. Diac is a 2 terminal ?
a) 4 layer device b) 3 layer c) bidirectional

15.inverse of even function?
a) even b) odd c) linear d)doesn’t exist

16. The dynamic system with no input is lyapunov stability

17. Superposition equivalent?
a) norton b) thev c) both

18.kcl ?
a) current entering and leaving is zero b)Negative c)positive

19.t/x voltage?
a) 110 kv B)250 kv C)400 kv D)500 KV

20.y’ + 2x is equal 4 (x+1)2 ?
a) first order b)2nd order C)quadratic

21.vS Equal Ns dphi/dt?
a) lenz law b) faraday c) columbs

22.Partial derivative of fxy and fyx are called
a) proper derivative 2 )improper derivative 3) mixed derivative 4) universal derivative
23._______ of fxy and fyx are simultanous mixed derivative
a) derivative b)integral

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24. 1/cosinx this equation is called (equation)
a)eular 2)dilichit 3)gibbs
25.Plant has maximum load of 325MW, capacity of 350MW, average load is 250MW,
load capacitive factor is 0.65. load factor is:
a) 0.8 b) 0.67 c) 0.5

26.Fourier transform of continues time function gives
a)continues frequency continuous time response b)discrete frequency discrete time response, c)discrete frequency continuous time response, d)continues frequency discrete time response

27.If large load is disconnected suddenly from power plant, then:
a) turbine speed will increase and frequency increase b)turbine speed will decrease and frequency decrease
28.If power plant fail to give power to particular area due to large load, it is refer to:
load shadding (options)
29.The function having infinite value
a)open b) close c)dependent d) independent

30.White noise
31.time shift and time scale