NTDC Past Paper 2021

NTDC Conducts a recruitment drive almost every year for junior engineers. This NTDC Past Paper 2021 and other NTDC Past Papers will help the candidate to prepare for the recruitment tests.

1-Liaqat Ali khan joined Muslim league
Ans: 1923
2-Quaid milat title was given to
Ans: Liaqat Ali khan
3-Cherry is produced/cultivated in?
Ans: Quetta?
4-Before Partition of Pakistan NA session held in Dhaka in march was
boycotted by?

Ans:Zulfiqar ali bhutto
5-Kalma after wuzu ?
Ans; shahadat
6-Darood recitation is called
Ans; salat
7-When a person is able to judge the difference between Wrong & write
then it is called?

Ans: Conscious?
8-Kosovo is in?
Ans: Yugoslavia
9-Cultural Capital of Pakistan is?
Ans: Punjab
10-Quaid e Azam gave his fourteen points in?
Ans: 1929
11-when ethics are applied practically it is called?
12-Quaid E Azam joined Muslim league in ?
13-Gen Ayub Khan deposed .. ..?
Ans: Iskandar Mirza
14-Coldest Place on Earth?
15-Allah SWT will Reward Jannah for?
Ans: Good Deeds
16-Which requires complete cleanliness?
17-If action consequences come in favor rather than unfavour is called?
18-a coin is flipped 20 times what is the probability of 15 or more heads?

Technical Part

1-Unit of Potential is?
Ans; volt
2-Coal is transported in terms of?
Ans:V belts
3-Capacitance is not considered in terms of ?
Ans: short transmission lines
4-Short transmission line equivalent circuit includes?
Ans: L in series with R
5-in a parallel resonance circuit ?
Ans: voltage is maximum
6-D20 is used as…. in nuclear reactors?
Ans: Moderator
7-Moderators are used in nuclear reaction to ?
Ans: to slow down the nuetrons movement
8-Error ratio in current transformer is due?
Ans:exciting current
9-Conductivity of wire depends on?
Ans:free electron density
10-Output of schmit trigger when input is sine wave?
Ans:square wave
11-When firing angle of Scr is decreased, output is?
12-stepper motor is…. Which divides rotation in large number of steps?
13-Fourier series are infinite series of elementry trignometric functions of
sine and?

14-Ac compared to oscillators inverter provide ?
Ans: low frequency output
15-Skin effect is proportional to
Ans: (diameter of conductor)2
16-In order to reduce skin effect at UHF
Ans: Copper tubes with silver plating are used
17-Transmission lines link
Ans:Generating station to receiving end station
18-Surge resistance of transmission lines is about?
19-In high voltage transmission lines the top most conductor is?
Ans: Earth
20-The output of a solar cell is of the order of?
Ans; 1W
21-As compared to steam at entry to the turbine which of the following
will be larger at exit?
Ans:Specific volume
22-Power plants using coal work closely on?
Ans:Rankine cycle
23-The air standard efficiency of diesel engine depends on?
Ans;compression ratio
24-Coking is ?
Ans:heating of coal in absence of air, driving out C02 and leaving residue and carbon
25-Hot wire anemometers are used to measure?
Ans:velocity of air stream
26-The letter DPDT is?
27-In a radio receiver ?
Ans:mixer stage contributes most of the noise generated
28-the potential difference between two similar charges is?
Ans: Nil
29-what is CMMR?
Ans: it is ratio of differential mode to common mode
30-A copper oxide … Allows current to flow through a meter in only one direction?
Ans: rectifier
31-Dc generators have … On rotating shaft which convert ac into dc ?
Ans: commutator
32-In case the height of transmission tower is increased it will following effect on C and L?
Ans: line C will decrease but L will unchange
33-The no of cycles in which high speed circuit breaker complete its operation is?
Ans: 3 to 8
34-Conductors have an access of ?
Ans: free electrons
35-….. is the source which gives constant voltage irrespective of current drawn through it ?
Ans: real voltage and current source
36-turn on voltage of Ge is?
Ans: 0.3 V
37-Si and Ge belong to .. In periodic table?
Ans: IVA
38-Tunnel diode is
Ans: highly doped p-n junction diode
39–Steam engine used in locomotive is?
Ans: double acting, non condensing type