NTDC Past Paper 2018

NTDC conducts a recruitment drive for junior engineers almost every year. NTDC Past Paper 2018 and other NTDC Past Papers will help the candidate prepare for the recruitment tests.

General Knowledge (17%)

  1. China has built an artificial island to establish a military base in:
    • Ans: South China Sea
  2. Bahadur Shah Zafar was the son of:
    • Ans: Aurangzeb
  3. Name the highest battlefield in the world.
    • Ans: The Siachen Glacier
  4. The speaker of the Pakistan National Assembly is:
    • Ans: Sardar Ayaz Sadiq
  5. FIFA 2018 shall be hosted by:
    • Ans: Russia
  6. The chief minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province is:
    • Ans: Pervez Khattak
  7. The headquarters of the Islamic Military Alliance Force (IMAF) is situated in:
    • Ans: Riyadh
  8. Who is the present Secretary General of UN?
    • Ans: António Guterres
  9. Which was the first Prophet who was taught by Allah the art of writing?
    • Ans: Hazrat Isa (A.S)
  10. The official name of Pakistan under the 1973 constitution is?
    • Ans: Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  11. Who is the defense minister of Pakistan?
    • Ans: Khurram Dastgir
  12. The first woman martyress of Islam is?
    • Ans: Hazrat Samiyah
  13. In the battle of Badr, Quresh’s army was commanded by?
    • Ans: Abu Jahel
  14. Warsak dam is constructed on ____ River.
    • Ans: Kabul
  15. Zakat is the ___ pillar of Islam.
    • Ans: Forth (4th)
  16. Who is the current Army Chief?
    • Ans: General Javed Qamar Bajwa
  17. Present King of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is?
    • Ans: Salman bin Abdul Aziz

Technical Knowledge (83%)

  1. The electric dipole moment induced per unit volume of the dielectric is called the:
    • Ans: Polarization of the dielectric
  2. The negative maximum of a cosine waveform occurs at?
    • Ans: 180°
  3. For current amplification in BJT, we mostly use:
    • Ans: Common collector configuration
  4. If we have two points “A” and “B” on the node and the voltage is represented by VAB, the ___ is taken as a reference point:
    • Ans: Node B
  5. The form factor of a 220 V, 50 Hz AC waveform is:
    • Ans: 1.11
  6. Stepper motor is a/an ___ motor which divides full rotation into large number of steps.
    • Ans: Direct current
  7. An n-type material is formed by doping pure silicon with:
    • Ans: Pentavalent impurity
  8. The main criterion for selection of size of the power distribution using a radial distribution system is:
    • Ans: Voltage drop
  9. Self-induction of solenoid is:
    • Ans: Directly proportional to its area of cross-section
  10. Transmission lines mostly use high voltage ___ alternating current.
    • Ans: Three phase
  11. In a DC generator brushes on the commutator are shifted from geometrical neutral positions to
    • Ans: Avoid sparking
  12. The ___ field lasts only as long as the current is flowing through the wire
    • Ans: Magnetic
  13. The TRIAC is a ___ device with control terminal.
    • Ans: Bi-directional
  14. If all conductive objects are bonded to the same earth grounding system, the risk of electric shock is
    • Ans: Minimized
  15. In open loop control system, input is ___ output
    • Ans: Independent of
  16. If A matrix is a square matrix with 3×3 order having det(A) = 21. What will be the det(2A) whereas ‘det’ is determinant.
    • Ans: 168
  17. Error in a computer program is called:
    • Ans: Bug
  18. A system is ___ if the natural response neither decays nor grows, but remains constant or oscillates.
    • Ans: Marginally stable
  19. The partial derivatives “fxy” and “fyx” are called:
    • Ans: Mixed partial
  20. Green function method is a useful technique for solving
    • Ans: Partial differential equation
  21. The sum of all potential differences in complete loop through the circuit should be
    • Ans: Equal to zero
  22. Unguided propagation involves
    • Ans: Free space propagation
  23. Preferring a ___ consists of using ohms law to take an existing voltage source in series with a resistance and replace it with a current source in parallel with the same resistance.
    • Source transformation
  24. Dynamic resistance of the diode:
    • Ans: Changes as a function of applied voltage
  25. Usually high tension cables can be used for electric power transmission but voltage must not exceed
    • Ans: 33 kV
  26. Which of the following sources has highest power generation capacity?
    • Ans: Nuclear
  27. For the same peak value of the voltage, which waveform will have least rms value
    • Ans: Triangular wave
  28. Single sideband techniques are mostly employed in:
    • Ans: Conservation of transmitted power and bandwidth
  29. The line integral of the electric field around a closed loop is equal to the negative of the rate of change of magnetic flux through area enclosed by the loop is called:
    • Ans: Faraday’s law of induction
  30. Conductors have an excess of
    • Ans: Free electrons
  31. Which of the following is NOT a purpose of Disturbance Monitoring Equipment?
    • Ans: Incorrect protective setting
  32. Which one of the following is not a basic category of measurement?
    • Ans: Validity
  33. DC generators have ___ on rotating shafts that convert AC into DC.
    • Ans: Commutator
  34. There are two types of overload protection instantaneous over current and ___.
    • Ans: Time over current
  35. A use of functions is that they can be used to ___ and to make programs more understandable and easier to maintain.
    • Ans: Decrease code duplication
  36. In submarine power system, power is transmitted through ___ cables.
    • Ans: High voltage direct current
  37. Fourier series are infinite series of elementary trigonometric functions i.e. sine and
    • Ans: Cosine
  38. The process of conversion of AC into DC is called:
    • Ans: Rectification
  39. The principle of ___ can be used to analyze faults in power systems/networks.
    • Ans: Superposition
  40. SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) goes into saturation when the gate-cathode junction is:
    • Ans: Forward biased
  41. Drop out to cutoff ratio for most relays is of the order of:
    • Ans: 0.6 to 1.0
  42. A copper oxide ___ allows current to flow through the meter in only one direction.
    • Ans: Rectifier
  43. The main purpose of the modulation process is to:
    • Ans: Reduce the mutual interference
  44. Which line is obtained by method of least square?
    • Ans: Best fit line
  45. A transformer transforms:
    • Ans: Power
  46. Conjunction X^Y behaves on digits 0 and 1 exactly as ___ does for ordinary algebra.
    • Ans: Multiplication
  47. Power in an AC circuit is found by:
    • Ans: VI cos θ
  48. ___ are used to sense the fault and initiate a trip.
    • Ans: Protective relays
  49. Modulation index in amplitude modulation:
    • Ans: Is measure of amplitude variation surrounding an unmodulated carrier
  50. The large impedance loading of a long transmission line can be increased without adversely affecting its stability by connecting a lumped:
    • Ans: Inductance in shunt with the line
  51. There are ___ types of dependent sources depending on the controlling variables and output of the source.
    • Ans: Four
  52. Discrete device field effect transistor are classified on the basis of
    • Ans: Control gate construction
  53. If the current and voltage are out of phase by 90°, the power is:
    • Ans: Zero
  54. At very sunny places this source of energy can be found
    • Ans: Solar
  55. As compared to oscillators, inverter provides:
    • Ans: Low frequency output
  56. A ___ can be used to make automated potentiometer in comparison measurements
    • Ans: Digital to analog converter
  57. Natural Uranium contains ___ U-235.
    • Ans: 0.7 %
  58. If the firing angle in an SCR rectifier is decreased, output will be ___.
    • Ans: Increased
  59. The ___ time signal is described for all values of time.
    • Ans: Continuous
  60. Depletion region of diode contains:
    • Ans: No mobile charge carriers
  61. Which of the following conditions relates line resistance ‘R’ and line reactance ‘X’ for maximum steady state power transmission on a transmission a line?
    • Ans: X= √3 R
  62. In a power supply, a shorted input capacitor is likely to result in:
    • Ans: No Voltage output
  63. Admittance is the reciprocal of:
    • Ans: Impedance
  64. The waves which do not need a material medium for their propagation are called ___ waves.
    • Ans: Electromagnetic
  65. ___ is a byproduct of paper industry which is used by many industries as a primary source of electricity.
    • Ans: Black liquor
  66. Which of the following ideas means deciding of run-time what strategy to summon?
    • Ans: Dynamic loading
  67. In the superposition theorem, independent current sources are replaced by
    • Ans: Open circuit
  68. If the field resistance of a DC shunt generator is increased beyond its critical value, the generator
    • Ans: Will not build-up
  69. Which wave has the highest value of form factor?
    • Ans: Half wave rectified sine wave
  70. The analog-to-digital converter provides ___ of the input signal.
    • Ans: Quantization
  71. The form factor in reference to alternating current waveform represents the ratio of:
    • Ans: The RMS value to the average value
  72. A semiconductor device is connected in a series circuit with battery and resistance. If the polarity of the battery is reversed, the current drops to almost zero. The device may be:
    • Ans: A p-n junction
  73. What is the probability of number ‘2’ when a dice is thrown?
    • Ans: 1/6
  74. For which purpose bundled conductors are employed in a power system?
    • Ans: Mechanical stability of the line
  75. Radiofrequency chokes are air-cored to:
    • Ans: Keep inductance reactance low
  76. The fundamental property used in single node pair circuit analysis is that ___ across all elements is the same.
    • Ans: Voltage
  77. ___ is a small voltage (less than 10 V) that can be measured between two possible constant points.
    • Ans: Stray voltage
  78. The average fossil fuel plant converts about ___ % of energy going into power going out.
    • Ans: 33
  79. Land-fill gas is actually _ used in thermal power plants.
    • Ans: Methane
  80. The power factor of the magnetizing component of a transformer is:
    • Ans: Zero
  81. The pole shoes of DC machines are fastened to the pole core by:
    • Ans: Counter sunk screws
  82. Which of the following are considered as the disadvantage(s) of the Gauss-Seidel method over Newton’s method in load flow programs?
    • Ans: More iterations
  83. The quantity ‘Rm’ which relates dependent voltage to the controlling current is called:
    • Ans: Trans resistance